The E. Phillips Oppenheim Mystery Omnibus: The Box with Broken Seals; The Double Traitor; The Zeppelin's Passenger

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 09/04/2006


'"Brilliantly Constructed and Convincingly Told!" Wrote The London Times. Don't miss this handpicked trio of our editor's favorite Oppenheim thrillers! E. Phillips Oppenheim was one of the inventor's of the spy novel. Before James Bond 007, Oppenheim's debonair British agents were busy saving the free world from enemy agents, traitors, and vengeance seeking madmen. And romance is one of the strongest elements of any Oppenheim masterwork. All his books could be summed up by this review from the Literary Digest: "A story of absorbing interest turning on a complicated plot worked out with dexterous craftsmanship. A capital yarn of the European secret service." Or as the Cleveland Leader put it, the typical Oppenheim novel "has lots of action and plenty of romance." If you love the mystery and adventure of the gaslight era, these classics of espionage and romance from the teens of the last century will keep you reading spellbound for days.