Until the Stars Grow Cold [The sequel to Darkness]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 08/28/2006


He Promised To Love Her Until The Stars Grow Cold! It is a dark time for the ancient vampire hunters known as the Wraith. The oldest and most prestigious of their academies lies in ruins, and the ruling order, the Council of Seven, is dead. The armies of Vampire Lord Bane march almost undaunted across the face of the Earth. Thousands of Wraith have died during a war they have come to know as "The Purge." The Wraith are facing extinction. Yet there are heroes still. A talented and powerful young Wraith, Thomas Cross, and his master, Conrad Verge, fight to hold back the darkness. But Thomas would throw it all away to find the woman he has dreamed about every night of his life. Until he discovers that his dream woman is his mortal enemy. She is a vampire ... Everything changes in that moment. In a story that spans ten years and changes Wraith Universe irrevocably, this is a hero's fall from grace. The Wraith Chronicles continue in the second book of the series from science fiction/fantasy author Terence West!