An Erotic SF Saga [First Encounters of the Fourth Kind Book 1]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler | Date published: 08/08/2006


Adults Only SF Saga of Sex With Alien Species! In a galaxy half-full of an ancient civilization's cast-off colonies, almost anything is possible, which is what two such data-archaeologists, sexy Aliis and Dree (along with J(AI)' their voyeuristic artificial intelligence) discover when they find a world formerly owned by a sex-industry giant, where sex-toys had been created, developed and grown for commercial sale. The pair doesn't know it but they are about to have their first "encounters of the fourth kind"--sex with alien species. Determined to get in one last round of lovemaking while they are still in zero-G, just barely have time to prepare for a stealth-drop from orbit. Aliiss and Dree land in the remote wilds, where Aliiss has her first encounter of the forth kind with an overfriendly, ursine-humanoid. Soon Dree discovers a community of humanoid-hybrids and witnesses a casual orgy, where he also has his first sexual encounter with a local. Meanwhile, back on the ship J(AI)? discusses voyeurism with the other onboard AI's. Aliiss and Dree may thing things are hotting up on this abandoned world, but they haven't yet encountered the tactile-responsive sex toys plants, bio-engineered for both male and female pleasure, whose scents cause constant horniness. The first volume in a very original take on the erotic future awaiting humanity in space!

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