The Dreamer's Loom

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Categories: Romance/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2006


He was the cunning trickster king, always playing his opponents' weaknesses against them, lying as easily as other men breathed. He trusted no one, or so the other warriors of Achaia believed. Then he met the one woman who could match him in cleverness and vowed he would have her, no matter what it took. She was the overlooked daughter and cousin, dark and small when her cousins, Helen and Kleitamaistra, were tall and golden. She was a princess, but knew she would be sacrificed in marriage to buy peace for her uncle's kingdom. She was a visionary, glimpsing the future and events half a world away in her dreams. Odysseus went to Sparta to win Helen as his bride, but when he saw Penelope, he knew she was the queen who could protect his precious Ithaka through the turmoil of the future. Their love grew through pain and tears, and held strong for twenty years while vengeful gods kept him from their home. Their love triumphed against enemies who would have stolen kingdom and queen, and became the greatest love story ever told...

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