The Cherokee Murders

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Categories: Mainstream/Historical Fiction
Publisher: SynergEbooks | Date published: 07/10/2006


Losing her job after several young boys are murdered in Chicago, Kymberlee Shannon takes a teaching position in Cherokee, Arkansas--a small town of quirky characters, secrets, and steamy affairs. When a string of murders start again, sinister incidents point to her as the killer. She gets involved with Steevee Clarke, the church choir director, who has her own demons to appease. Nicky Wilson, one of Kymberlee's students, organizes a Ghost Club to find the murderer after his best friend is killed. Al Madison, the local pharmacist, is not what he seems and dispenses more than drugs. Old Jed carries a gunnysack of rattlesnakes and Sarge, an ex-soldier, commands imaginary troops. Could one of them be the murderer? Or is the voice in Kymberlee's head from past carnal encounters driving her to unconscionable acts? Four murders spell disaster in any small town. Sheriff James Duke closes in on the killer. But, is it the real killer?