The Dragonmaster [The Guardians of Glede Book 5]

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Categories: Fantasy/Young Adult
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 07/02/2006


Pepin Merripen has become withdrawn and surly. Treyas blames the young queen, El'Leigh, of Mere Odain for Pepin's moodiness. Every time the two young people are together, sparks fly. But when Pepin learns that King Darosenim of Karsaba, and King Jansson of Odora Dava, have withdrawn their troops from Mere Odain, he becomes frantic. Who will now protect his dragon, Fayemera, and her hatchlings? Furious, he goes to Karsaba to take council with El'leigh, but soon disappears. No one knows where he has gone, and Treyas, Darosenim, and Ashton (Darosenim's guardian) follow his trail. It ends where magic begins. Frantic with worry, Treyas attempts to follow the trail, and ends up in Northern Karsaba. It soon becomes apparent that there is a much bigger issue than a runaway youth. Someone, claiming to be Pepin's mother, has summoned him, and will stop at nothing to see his control over the dragons of Mere Odain become her own. With Pepin at her command, she will rule Karsaba, and any land she chooses. It is up to Treyas and his friends to see that it doesn't happen. But will Treyas lose his son to Mere Odain and the powerful pull of Fayemera?