Brennus' Witch [Brennus' Witch Series Book 1]

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Categories: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: eXtasy eBooks | Date published: 10/31/2005


Brennus Monroe teaches a class on ancient religions at the university. He is also a vampire, tormented by a night of torture centuries before, which resulted in his natural death. Right now, Brennus has a more pressing problem. He is seeking the individual who dared to cast a love spell on him. That individual is Darien, a modern day Wicca Priest. Darien had no idea the spell he cast on behalf of his sister, would put him on the bad side of an ancient vampire. Now, not only is he going to discover Brennus' wrath, he is about to discover a frightening past he never knew he had--a past which involved Brennus Monroe. Recipe for 'Brennus' Witch." 1 large cauldron Take 2 gorgeous males: 1 vampire, 1 witch. Add the approach of Halloween, and the Feast of the Dead. Throw in lots of scares. Toss with a generous amount of erotica. Boil until piping hot, and enjoy!

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