Hunted! [Celeste's Captivity II]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 06/05/2006


Historical Saga of Romance and Bondage! From the wicked and twisted mind of Terri Pray comes the second in the Celeste's Captivity saga. The compelling story of bondage and romance begun in Captured now continues in Hunted. Stolen from her home in Ireland Celeste has learned the cruel reality behind the legend of Lord Davien Blood. A man without love, compassion or the ability to treat a woman as a human being, he has set his mind on turning her into a slave and nothing will stand in his way. Only the memory of her home and the brief kiss she shared with the Raven, a Highwayman sought out by the authorities in her home county, have kept her from falling completely into the web of Davien's control. If she thought that Davien was alone in his dark desires where women were concerned Celeste is about to learn that her belief is far from accurate. In an England on the brink of Napoleonic war there are those who seek out unwilling women as the targets for their dark lusts. And there is far worse to come, as Celeste soon discovers there are ones who will use captured women as little more than hunted animals in a game. A hunt that she will soon take part and as nothing more than a naked animal?

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