The Dr. Thorndyke Mystery Omnibus: The Red Thumb Mark; Dr. Thorndyke's Cases; The Eye of Osiris

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Classic Literature
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 05/05/2006


First Three Classic Books Featuring "The Greatest Medico-Legal Detective Of All Time!" That's what the Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection hails R. Austin Freeman's legendary fictional sleuth, Dr. John Evelyn Thorndyke, forensic scientist and attorney. Like Sherlock Holmes, he is concerned with spying out concrete clues from which he can build irrefutable evidence against those guilty of crimes like theft an murder. A resident of London's Inner Temple district, Thorndyke is tall, slender, athletic, with a classic Grecian profie, in short, the handsomest of all the early fictional detectives. Incredible as his exploits may seem, Thorndyke and his appearance were modeled on Dr. Alfred Swaine Taylor an early expert and pioneer in medical jurisprudence. This inexpensive omnibus features the complete and unabridged reprinting of the first three mystery books featuring Dr. Thorndyke, including the first Thorndyke novel, The Red Thumb Mark (1907), the second, Dr. Thorndyke's Cases 1909), and the third, The Eye of Osiris (1911). A not to be missed feast of mystery, detection, and suspense!

Also Available from R. Austin Freeman