The Sins of Orville Sand

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Categories: Horror/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Mundania Press LLC/Mundania Press LLC | Date published: 04/25/2006


Orville Sand is on a mission, a deadly assignment he is bound to carry out. Throughout the Midwest, wherever he goes, people die in mysterious accidents. He carries with him a great red book containing the names of the unfortunates with whom he must rendevous. Where his shadow passes, tragedy will befall some unsuspecting innocent. Perhaps a child will drown, or a wall will collapse unexpectedly on a pedestrian, or a woman will tumble down a flight of stairs. Only one man, Gerald Mizzaro, knows the truth. As a child, his life crosses innocently with Orville Sand's while the man rents a room from Gerald's widowed mother. The fatherless boy and the older man forge a bond based on the emotional void they both feel. But when death visits the neighborhood during Sand's short stay, Gerald suspects his involvement. As he grows older, a coincidental second encounter with Sand provides Gerald with the irrefutable truth he can not ignore. Now Gerald must act to stop the man he both cares for and abhors. He must put away all the frivolous concerns a college student dwells upon and face a grave responsibility only he can assume. And when Sand discovers Gerald's attempts to stop him, he is forced to deal with the young man or meet a fate more unspeakable than the death he himself suffered decades before.

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