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Categories: Family/Relationships/Mainstream
Publisher: SynergEbooks | Date published: 12/01/2005


Meet Middle, the voice of Circleforks, a layered rarity of a woman who determined that she couldn't be that unique, and decided to unfold herself by pasting the naked-nonfiction of her life against self-preservation. Watch her weave through a world of quirky, unrefined, troubling, and hilarious characters with metaphorical labels as she diagnoses and defines what she coins the 'Middle Disease.' Circleforks turns self-motivation inside out and uncovers the ticking within; a sort of edgy inspiration, with Middle calling upon her audience to embark upon an important journey that replaces bullet points with intriguing expanse. Circleforks throws the concept of destination out the window and demands personal reflection from the reader. Whether you were born a middle child or not, this is an edgy, inspirational book.

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