And the Band Played On [A Nick Bancroft Mystery]

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 03/03/2006


A Soft Boiled Private Eye! Freelance reporter and sometime private detective Nick Bancroft is tough enough when he has to be. But he can be soft for the ladies. That's how he ends up at an outdoor band concert, with Maggie, a librarian, divorcee and his very talented lover, and is on hand to witness the murder of the very well-connected private secretary of a very important political figure. It doesn't earn him any points with the cops that Nick is on the scene before them, and it doesn't earn him any points with certain influential politicians that he won't get off the case. Soon someone is trying to kill Bancroft. But is it the murderer or just someone who wants to ensure certain well-kept secrets remain well-kept? Here is another thrill a minute mystery from the author of Murder by the Book, Death Sting, and August is Murder.