Twain's Revenge

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Categories: Historical Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Own World Books | Date published: 02/15/2006


Handsome, young Danny McCallum is caught in the jaws of a life-changing dilemma. As he begins his last semester of college, his hopes of graduating and starting a new cruise ship job will vanish unless he completes a dark and twisted assignment. Envious of his popularity with women, Danny's American Literature professor blackmails him into proving that renowned American author Mark Twain was a closet pedophile. As much as Danny wants to graduate and follow his dream of becoming a novelist, he is deeply torn. Can he rise above the disgust that he feels for his Machiavellian professor and commit his name to a document that will forever haunt him? His first impulse is to do it quietly and alone, but as the crisis escalates, his geeky girlfriend intercedes and becomes the genesis of an irregular and secretive group that includes a washed up war vet, and three high-priced call girls. All are Danny's friends, and in the process of helping him, they open a Pandora's box of small town scandals.