Cicada Summer

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Categories: Horror/Science Fiction
Publisher: Treble Heart Books | Date published: 02/01/2006


Hear the singing. Feel the madness ... die! On a hot June afternoon, old man Matthew Riley walks down the street in a small southern town mumbling that something is about to happen, "They're coming," he proclaims. "They're coming just as they did seventeen years ago. It's going to be a humdinger of a party, too." The townspeople ignore him, thinking he is senile. The cicadas arrive, singing their songs and intimidating people. In the next few days, tragedy and terror overwhelm the community as horrible murders occur in the countryside. Sheriff Milburn tries to deal with the dilemma as the creatures emerge from the earth, killing every living thing. Matthew Riley struggles against his failing health to prepare a defense against the onslaught of creatures before it's too late. The sheriff's son gets involved when the creatures capture his girlfriend Jan Peters. The town, the community and finally the Federal Government come together to fight an impossible battle to save us all. Consider the odds on the deadly evil warriors from deep within the earth against the combined forces of humanity.

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