The Eighth Room [Jacob Lane Series Book 3]

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Categories: Fantasy/Young Adult
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 02/08/2006


For two hundred years, the Selkies have kept themselves separate from those who live on the land. But now, the Selkies need allies or they will be crushed by their ancient enemies, the Finfolk. Darkbrook is behind on the times, but trying to catch up. With the imminent arrival of a new teacher and a 'Computer-Aided Magic' class, Miss Elliott, the librarian, has been asked to oversee a clean-up of eleven storage rooms that lie behind the library. What Jacob and Ophelia find in the eighth room uncovers a mystery that dates to Darkbrook's beginnings, and might save the Selkies from extinction. With the help of the youngest member of the Wild Hunt, they must foil the Finfolk who desire the Selkie's destruction ... or die trying.