This Isn't Excel, It's Magic!

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Categories: Technology/Science
Publisher: IIL Publishing, New York/IIL Publishing, New York | Date published: 02/06/2006


Professionals around the world who use Microsoft Excel know the value of the widely-used spreadsheet program. However, they may not know the amazing shortcuts and "magic" contained in the 85 tips and tricks discovered by Excel guru and author Bob Umlas, now published in THIS ISN'T EXCEL, IT'S MAGIC!. THIS ISN'T EXCEL, IT'S MAGIC! is a handy and portable book, full of easy-to-understand graphics and chock full of tips and antics of how to get the most out of Excel. THIS ISN'T EXCEL, IT'S MAGIC! is not for the beginning Excel user but is aimed at those experienced with the software, which use its detailed capabilities on a routine basis. Excel users will find THIS ISN'T EXCEL, IT'S MAGIC! to be helpful and informative with every page they turn. The enjoyment, excitement and education they will receive throughout the 144 pages will bring them back to their Excel software over and over again to test the tips and tricks.

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