Sophie's Playboy [Brook Hollow Trilogy Book 2]

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2005


Sophie Macgregor should be satisfied with her life, but her high-paying job and country-club social life aren't quite fulfilling enough. She wants a family and refuses to consider a relationship with a playboy, even if he is as attractive as Parker Cornwall.--Parker's reputation is well-earned, and he uses it to keep women at a distance. Though deep down he, too, craves a family, his own has a legacy of pain, a legacy he won't continue. But he can't seem to stay away from Sophie.--When they end up working together, love takes over. Sophie realizes the right playboy can be a good risk. But Parker can't get over his fear of hurting Sophie--and of being hurt--and reverts to old habits. She can't convince him that the past can be overcome. Only when tragedy strikes does Parker understand that having and losing is better than never having at all...