Legacy of Lies

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Categories: Mainstream/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 11/01/2005


What if everything you thought you knew about your family turned out to be a lie? Penelope Livingston has had an ache in her heart for twenty-five years--ever since that traumatic day she gave her baby up for adoption. Now she's trying to locate her daughter. Research uncovers a young woman named Claire who seems to be a perfect match. The two women believe it is Fate that they found each other, and they begin to forge a happy friendship. Unfortunately, only the baby's father, Larry O'Neill knows the truth--that he never allowed his daughter to be given up for adoption. He raised the baby himself, with the help of his babysitter, Sally, who quickly became his wife. Now how does he keep Penelope off his daughter Melody's trail, so that he can keep his family intact and himself out of jail?

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