Dark Yesterday [The Classic 'Tomorrow' Trilogy]

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 11/11/2005


SF Classic First Time Ever in Book Form! What will they be like the Lost Children of Tomorrow, the survivors of Armageddon? How will they live, and who will lead them? In Book One, Dark Yesterday, they live like animals on a high mountain plateau. Calling themselves the "Bunch," these lost children, scions of a civilization destroyed by invading hordes, roam the wilderness of the vanished world that yesterday was America! They are the hope and promise of America--these children, who by a miracle survived the destruction of their elders. If caught, these children will walk in chains as slaves to America's conquerors. Only Dikar, "Boss of the Bunch," their leader, aided by Marilee, "boss of the girls," keeps them safe by making them obey the Rules passed down from the Ancients. But, Billthomas, who chafes under the Rules schemes to make himself supreme over the Bunch, exile Dikar to die in the wilderness, and take Marilee for his own--not knowing American's future dies with Dikar and Marilee. For only they possess the courage to lead the Bunch down into the world below their mountain and claim Tomorrow from the ashes of a Dark Yesterday. For time is running out and armed with only bows and arrow, they must destroy the barbarians who ravage their country's green fields and rolling hills--before it is too late and night descends on the United States forever. Here is a vivid visualization of the Bunch's fight back to Civilization, at once an exciting adventure story, a profound prophecy more relevant than ever, and the romance of fiction's most striking hero and heroine since Tarzan and Jane! Written in the early-1940s, when Europe had fallen and Britain shuddered under nightly bombings, the "Tomorrow" saga pictured in very human terms what might happen if an unprepared America were conquered by a combined assault of a victorious Germany and Japan.