Sacrifices: A Novel of Terror

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Categories: Horror/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 09/09/2005


Mystery and Horror Based on a True Story! When a beautiful and popular high school girl is found murdered outside a small rural town, investigators are clueless as to who the killer or killers might be. Sheriff, Alex, his able deputy, Jessica, and his friend, Sam, a community counselor begin an investigation of their own into the murder. As FBI and DCI agents descend on the tiny town to assist the local Police department, Alex and Sam realize what they are dealing with is anything but a typical homicide. Sam goes undercover in the high school as a teacher to investigate the school connection. Meanwhile, Alex battles the egotistical police chief over jurisdiction and evidence. But time is running out and the killers are planning another murder. Then Sam and Alex uncover evidence of ritualistic killings and a sinister conspiracy tied to a mysterious cult. Good and Evil collide as Jessica, Sam and Alex battle supernatural forces and a horrific cult tied into the heart of their community. Alex and Jessica are led into a trap, while another innocent victim is kidnapped. Then Sam uncovers the key to the mystery and frantically races to save lives before it's too late. Inspired by real-life story, Sacrifices explores the true nature of evil. The author draws from his experience as a counselor and teacher to examine the qualities of a "true group leader," and how to forgive and survive traumatic evil.

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