Children of the Dragon

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Categories: Children's Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment | Date published: 06/17/2005


An evil power has been set loose upong the peaceful land known as Great Germaine. A tyrant is stealing the life force of the fairies, unicorns, dragons, and others, harnessing it, changing its purity into a devastating power in order to rule the land with an iron fist. Balthazar Despot has made it his goal to eliminate all mystical creatures, and with each victim, he grows more powerful. During their summer vacation, while visiting their father, ricky and Alyssa Randall are transported to the foreign land of Great Germaine. Once there, the children meet an old couple, Ardor and Tora. However, they are a couple of which Ricky and Alyssa have seen only in storybooks They are dragons. In an effort to return peace to the land, the children and the elderly dragons fuse their bodies, becoming powerful warriors and Great Germaine's last hope. Join Ricky and Alyssa in their quest to restore peace to a magical world, and to find a way home to their loving father.