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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2005


The latest from E. F. Watkins, author of Dance With The Dragon, the 2004 EPPIE Award Winner for Best Horror!... Homely Louise Bauer makes a deal with a mysterious "bag lady"--if Lu will perform a ceremony using a sculpture of her ideal man, he'll come into her life and love her as she is. Soon afterward, Lu meets Eric Troy, a handsome, charming and talented actor who lights up her days and heats up her nights. Then Lu notices that anyone who crosses Eric suffers a violent punishment--yet Eric himself always has an airtight alibi. Could Desma, the ancient-looking "bag lady," be helping him through some kind of sorcery? Why did she warn Lu never to question Eric about his past? Are they conspiring to boost Eric's acting career, or do they have something even bigger and more diabolical in mind? Lu digs for answers, knowing that this violates the original "deal." She also knows if she loses control of Eric, he could eliminate her, too--and perhaps the last hope of survival for the human race...