Things Come Out at Night and Other Terror Tales

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PAGETURNER | Date published: 08/08/2005


Must-Read Collection of Dark Terrors from the Balrog Winning Author! Here is how this famed fantasist describes herself: "To look at me, you would think I am a sweet little old lady without a mean bone in her body. You would be dead wrong. I grew up on a farm in East Texas, dealing with the worst that nature, cows, varmints, and weather could hand out. Those didn't manage to kill me, so they made me strong and tough and mean as a wet wasp, when circumstances call for it. They also honed my imagination to a wicked edge. Once at a World SF Convention I met someone who stared at me in shock. You mean YOU wrote "A Night in Possum Holler?" she gasped. Now that is one mean little story, and I did write it, with great gusto. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I look harmless. Perhaps if I looked to match the stories I write I might have been lynched early on, leaving some toe-curlers of tales untold. And it may be that when you read some of these stories you may justifiably turn to your companions and say, "Get a rope!" Sometimes I shock myself!' You will find 'A Night in Possum Holler," in this all new eBook collection by the woman with the wicked-edged imagintion who shocks herself! It's a major literary event no one should miss. Contents:
Digging Up Arthur
The Dig
The Tuck At The Foot of the Bed
Needles and Pins
The Gift
The Immortal Part
The Anthologist
Down in the Dark
The Nicholas Caper
In The Mists of Gellorn
The Face in the Glass
The Well that Whispered Darkness
A Night in Possum Holler
Things Come Out at Night
Cage of the Heart
Echo of Thunder