The Weaver

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2005


The latest release from M. J. Konevich, 2004 EPPIE finalist for The Woods Around Carter's Lake (Best Horror)... Marcus Bradley has a gift ... he can see the future. But, like all great gifts, it comes with an even greater price. The events he can see always end in murder. It is up to him and his best friend, detective Jennifer Paxton of the Boston Police Department, to solve the latest murder of a mother and her young daughter. What Marcus finds along the way, however, will forever change the way he sees reality. This was no ordinary murder. This was planned and carried out by a being from another reality, one where the world is rapidly falling apart. Its designs are destroy the Weaver, an all-powerful crystalline shard which holds all the realities separate. If it should succeed, all the worlds will crumble. Now it is up to Marcus and Jennifer to find a way to stop this from happening and, if they can, repair the Weaver befire it is too late...