Back From Hell [Night Stalkers Series #1]

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Categories: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Ellora's Cave | Date published: 06/01/2005


They are Night Stalkers, two sisters born to hunt and destroy evil. For years a man has joined Jenai in her dreams. He makes sweet, hot love to her,and knows her better than anyone else. Now she has finally met him. After years of searching, Ronan has found her. His mate, the woman he has dreamed of for decades. He has been sent to recruit her and her sister Stephanie to join the powerful organization he works for. If he can't recruit them ... he has orders to kill them. A trap has been set--intended to kill them all. Fighting their way to freedom, Ronan and the sisters flee, determined to defeat the evil that stalks them. Sparks fly between the intended soul mates. But a misunderstanding causes Jenai to run away ... straight into a deadly evil that may very well cost her soul. Only Ronan can find her, but their bond is still too new. He must risk his life, his sanity, and his very soul to save the woman he was born to love. This book contains scenes of rape and extreme violence.