Day of the Setting Suns

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 07/07/2005


She was Kidnapped to an Alien World! Three generations of women face an alien species in Day of the Setting Suns, which is as wonderful and original as its title. This thrilling novel of alien contact turns on the disappearances of three very different women living in three very different eras: Tatti, a Civil War widow; Rose, a young farm girl from the late 1940's; and Merry, a contemporary woman who despairs of escaping from her selfish, self-destructive mother. No one connects them with the ship, Reuben James, sunk in the early days of WWII. But all three women, and the crew of the ship, have been selected to help save the almost infinite knowledge of a desperate species whose world is dying. The Protectors choose humans to help them, humans that are either extremely unhappy or are dying. But the Protectors fail to understand human nature and when they bring young Rose to their world, the lives of this peaceful species are turned upside down. A very angry and rebellious Rose dreams only of escape, and finally does, into the deadliest wilds of this alien world, where she encounters creatures, such as the Shadow Ones (whose size is only limited by light and they are always hungry), and faces the greatest danger of all, the Forgotten Ones, evil humans brought to the planet by mistake. But their leader Nod, falls in love with Rose, who feels an attraction she can not deny for him. Then the long awaited "day of the setting suns" unleashes a holocaust, and all three groups, the alien Protectors, the humans helping them and the Forgotten Ones are brought face-to-face in a confrontation that will decide the fate of a world's knowledge. It is a moment in which the three women from Earth, Rose, Sara and Merry, will play a crucial role. "Karen Himmel is a writer with a fine sense of place, able to create compelling contexts without a lot of overt description. Her characters walk off the pages, take your hand, and lead you away into their highly imaginative adventures. I am impressed by her storytelling ability. 'Day of the Setting Suns' is original and inventive science fiction." Ardath Mayhar

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