Amanda's Punishment [Mrs. Smith's Academy #1]

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Categories: Erotica/Classic Erotica
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler | Date published: 06/06/2005


Erotica In The Classic Victorian Tradition As Only The Brits Can Write It! When a bestselling British novelist set out to pseudonymously create a work in the idiom and style of the great works of classic Victorian erotica, the result is a sizzling must-read for fans of My Secret Life, Fanny Hill, and other genre masterpieces. Based on a true story, Amanda's Punishment is set at a thinly-disguised Victorian academy specializing in the training of intractable young women and run by the notorious "Mrs. Smith." The novel tells the story of Amanda, a hot-blooded young lady, whose amorous misadventures have earned her father's displeasure (and are detailed in beguiling Victorian prose). When Amanda's father goes abroad on an extended business trip, he leaving the eighteen-year-old Amanda in the care of her stepmother. But when Amanda discovers her stepmother is having an affair with a South American diplomat, her stepmother, afraid Amanda will reveal the affair to her father, the evil woman has Amanda sent away to Mrs. Smith. The notorious Mrs. Smith is famous for instilling discipline, and soon after her arrival Amanda is on the receiving end of Mrs. Smith's cane. Soon Amanda finds herself undergoing a series of classic Victorian punishments and humiliations, as well as practical lessons in sex education. Although she hates the regime at first, as the months pass, Amanda begins to discover the life more congenial, particularly when she is promoted to the role of assistant to Mrs. Smith. That's when she begins to think of ways to even the score with her stepmother, as will be told in "Clemency Jopling's" Mrs. Smith's Academy, Vol. II: Amanda's Revenge.