The Church in Many Houses: Reaching Your Community Through Cell-Based Ministry

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: United Methodist Publishing House/Abingdon Press | Date published: 06/13/2005


Although the largest churches in the world are cell-based, many have questioned whether the model will work in North America. The Church In Many Houses: Reaching Your Community Through Cell-Based Ministry makes the case that the cell model will work if key assumptions about spiritual growth and the nature of the church are reexamined and renewed. By drawing on scripture, research, and insights gained through personal experience as the pastor of a growing cell church, Steve Cordle identifies the four pivotal philosophical shifts necessary for the cell approach to work. These are mindset shifts from: programs to relationships--the purposes of the church are best fulfilled in the cell group instead of in programs. From member to disciple-maker--every member can and should become a group leader; from educating to equipping--spiritual growth is not knowing more but applying more; from "come and see" to "go and show"--the power of penetration evangelism. If we try to impose a cell structure upon a congregation which has not yet made these philosophical shifts we are likely to fail. However, when people adopt these biblical mindset changes, the cell approach will seem natural, and will result in great unity and effectiveness. Forewords by Joel Comiskey and Michael Slaughter .