Agents And Adepts

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 06/01/2003


From EPPIE winner Kathryn Sullivan, sixteen stories of magic and offworld adventure. Here you'll find tales of wizards training apprentices and interstellar operatives protecting more primitive worlds. How one university copes with a student from very far away, and where do some wizards get their supplies? These are stories of agents of change and adepts in more than magic. Gathered here also are several tales from the Land of the award-winning The Crystal Throne from both the far past and the near present: "And Softly Follow," where a young man whose dreams foretell the future contacts the wizard Calada for help; "Horsefeathers," the story of a young girl who can talk with animals sent to find the feather of a horse; and "The Windkin," where tradition and love of knowledge clash.