The Prisoner in the Skull

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 05/05/2005


"A Tightly-Wound SF Suspense Story." That's how legendary science fiction author George O. Smith, author of the "Venus Equilateral" stories described this thrill-a-minute futuristic classic. It begins when a man awakes with the first case of amnesia in centuries. Even the experts, with their sophisticated brain-probes, can't cure it. He has to accept the records that said he is Alister Conrad, a rich, happily married genius and inventor. But his "wife" flees at the sight of him, and he begins to find strange, troublesome discrepancies in his own mind. He begins to wonder... Then, the people around him start to die for no apparent reason, and he finds traces of a man (or alien?) who seems to be an exact duplicate of himself. That's when Alister Contrad realizes that locked somewhere in his brain is a fantastic secret. A secret people will kill for. And he is the target! As George O. Smith said in his review, "From the moment he succeeds in locating his proper background, Alister Conrad is in trouble. For, Conrad's mind does not give out with the proper curves, making a 'blank' to any possible mind-reader. And there is evidence is that there is such a mind-reader trying to get control of the Earth. Conrad is given the job of tracking down this menace because he is the only man on Earth who can approach the mind-reading super-crook with murder in his mind. All other attempts have failed with the death of the detective. A good sf whodunit whose end is not what you would expect."

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