Dirty Pictures

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Ellora's Cave/Ellora's Cave | Date published: 11/01/2004


Lily Baxter ... Yoga instructor ... fantastic cook ... nude model for dirty pictures! If she'd known what an uproar posing nude for a nationally known men's magazine would cause, Lily would have chosen one with a smaller circulation. Now her father isn't speaking to her, her mother thinks she's going insane, and three-quarters of the male population in town is clamoring to get closer to her. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend (the drama king) accused her of contributing to the decline of morality in modern society--in the local newspaper. Even her neighbor, the hottest man she's ever seen, has started looking at her like she's dessert. So what else can a girl to do when the Adonis across the street suddenly wants her body, but take full advantage. No one's ever accused Lily of being conventional. Evan Acardi ... Architectural designer ... King of the Take-out ... Mr. Fine Ass! Evan moved from Chicago to Tranquility, New Hampshire, to escape the pain of his divorce. All he wants is a female friend to have hot, steamy sex with, but one who doesn't want a Relationship, Commitment, or worse, Marriage. He knows his shapely next-door neighbor and her friend watch him after each morning run. You can't miss their faces plastered against the window as they watch him do his cool-down stretches. But once Evan spots Lily's full exposure in Seduced magazine he figures he has found the perfect woman ... to bed but not to marry. Now all Evan has to do is keep his friendship with Lily, enjoy the best sex he's ever had, and avoid the dreaded L word. Love.