Defying The Market

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Categories: Personal Finance/Business
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 03/01/2002


For almost two decades technology has been the greatest wealthbuilder in history, with high-tech stocks like Microsoft creating millionaires seemingly overnight. But technological progress is slowing. This slowdown will intersect with other key worldwide trends to create new boom markets in nontech areas like energy services, food, and real estate--and only investors who know where to look will continue their bull market gains into 2000 and beyond! Defying the Market provides research-driven techniques for uncovering the new winning stocks, along with strategies to hedge your portfolio against the uncertain new economy. Award-winning stock timer and financial writer Stephen Leeb and financial journalist Donna Leeb reveal 21st-century investment realities that all investors should heed, including: Companies positioned to soar in the next market wave; High-flying technology stocks whose best days are behind them; Specific stocks and stock groups to buy NOW--and those to avoid; 6 sample portfolios that will benefit any investor regardless of goals, risk tolerance, or available assets. Great investors are not, and have never been, crowd followers. Even as they build substantial portfolios in healthy markets, intuitive investors constantly watch for signs of change that are overlooked or ignored by mainstream investors. Discover for yourself how you can uncover and interpret these signs with uncanny accuracy!

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