The Trigon Rituals

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Science Fiction
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing | Date published: 02/01/2005


Double your pleasure double your fun is Alea's private motto. While her friends indulge in flirting with the available men, Alea has her own private brand of scrutinizing--in pairs. I'll take that one ... with ... that one. Single men just don't turn her on. Emphasis on single. Not in the unmarried sense of the word, but as in solo--one man, by himself--alone. Men only arouse her in the plural form. But fear preserves Alea's chastity. Not fear of the pain, or a broken heart, or some misguided notion that it should be saved for marriage. It's the fear of what she would become, what she might not be able to control, once she surrendered. Oh, Alea wants what most girls want, the white picket fence, children to care for, the love and adoration of two ravishing men. Two ravishing men? But marrying two men, well, that's against the law. Besides, what two men on Earth would agree to such a thing? On Earth indeed. Alea is about to get her wish?. Rating: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, and adult situations such as multiple sex partners.