About Niche Marketing--A 6 Step System

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Categories: Business/Reference
Publisher: MH Publishing | Date published: 03/21/2005


How many emails did you get today from people trying to teach you how to sell? Have you ever asked yourself how many of these people have actually sold anything in the real world...ever, let alone to niche markets. Are you tired of the hype about "target" and "niche" marketing? Don't get me wrong, niche marketing is important. But if you don't know the basics of sales, what good is is to try and sell to a "niche?" The truth is, all sales are niche sales. When you figure that out the rest is easy. What if you could: Pinpoint the needs of your customers Develop a more informed approach Answer questions before they arise Learn how to THINK like your customer Sell to them the way they want to be sold Do you think that might help your niche marketing efforts? It would and it will. You have my guarantee on that. Discover a 6 Step System, How to Sell Anything To Anyone. It's all the title says it is and much, much more.

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