The Woman from Eternity [Cosmic Reckoning Book 1]

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Categories: Science Fiction/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 03/03/2005


She Swore to End a Galactic War! The classic first science fiction romance, never before in book form! Only a few days earlier Aleta Windrow had been in the arms of her fiance, the handsome interstellar diplomat Norwich Wyatt. Then he had put her into a starship filled with refugees returning to Earth for safety while peace negotiations put an end to galactic war with rebellious colony worlds. But the refugee ship had been inexplicably attacked in space by unknown forces, and now Aleta is one of the two survivors of the attack, drifting helplessly in a lifeboat with a dying man. All Aleta wants to return to Earth, to the things she has known, to the life that is rightly hers, and to Norwich Wyatt whom she loves and has promised to marry. But her hopes of rescue turn to nightmare when she finds herself held a prisoner on a ship crewed by interstellar renegades from the piratical Novakkan words and destined to be auctioned as a slave when they land. Escaping, forced to dance nude before alien eyes, Aleta witnesses first hand the horrors, suffering and destruction men leave behind in the wake of their wars. Outraged, she swears an oath to "eradicate the disease of war from the minds of men"--forever--little realizing it is an oath it will take both her and her yet-to-be conceived children to fulfill! To survive Aleta makes a marriage to convenience to the wealthy, mysterious Nuyk. From him she begins to learn the secrets of a strange mental power that could prove the key to ending all wars. Soon Aleta finds herself falling in love with Nuyk and one night their marriage is consummated. But his tragic death leaves her vulnerable, and returned to the slave market, she is purchased by the ruthless, charismatic Novakkan warlord Rahn Buskner, who falls madly in love with her. Escaping again, Aleta at last reaches Earth and what she thinks will be safety with Norwich Wyatt. But she finds herself followed by Rahn Buskner and his armada. He offers her a fateful choice: Return to Novakka with him--or he will declare war on Earth, if necessary, to get her back! This is the first book publication of The Cosmic Reckoning, the groundbreaking 1950s magazine trilogy of interstellar romance and intrigue considered too hot for the paperback publishers of the era. Don't miss Book II of The Cosmic Reckoning, Daughter of Doom, the story of Aleta's daughter, or Book III, Witch of the Dark Star.