A Dragon's Tail

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Categories: Fantasy/Young Adult
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 03/09/2005


Look for three--One old enemy, One a stranger to her kin and kind. And look for the One from the rising sun, Who'll know them both and seek and find. From "The Song of Three" As sung by Nabon d'Lyre Centra, a foundling child grown to manhood, longs to learn his true identity. With no memory of his parents, no knowledge of his past, he is certain of only one thing--he is not a wizard. Taught to fear and distrust wizards by his foster father, Centra knows he's not one of "those spineless cowards." He's wrong. Driven by a compulsion placed on him in infancy, Centra embarks on a quest to discover who and what he really is. He finds many friends on his journey--including a baby dragon, a cynical bard, and a lonely demon--and makes one powerful enemy, the malevolent Lord Guardian of Umbra. Willing to destroy anything that threatens his plans for glory, the Guardian forces Centra into a terrible decision--embrace the power he despises or lose all he holds dear.