Roary O'Rourke and Dooley Doo: Victorious Duo [Roary O'Rourke Book 4]

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Categories: Young Adult/Fantasy
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 07/01/2004


After Queen Lacey Lovelyful and her Prince Consort, Roary O'Rourke, help Earl Dooley Do and Lady Chauncy regain Dark Clouds Peak and all its lands, they decide to fulfill their promise to Dooley Do and Chauncy to make a Royal Visit to Dark Clouds Peak Castle. They leave for the castle, going the back way over Milesaround Mountains. Halfway to the castle, they are attacked by the evil Baron Bramble, who has escaped from prison. During the fight, the Baron once again kidnaps Queen Lacey. Roary and his men gather and move swiftly to Dark Clouds Peak to get Dooley and his men to help free the Queen. They are accompanied by Bleethemon, the Dragon, and his young master, Skylar. Come join them in the hunt for Queen Lacey. Can Prince Roary and Earl Dooley Do finally vanquish the Evil Baron Bramble once and for all?