Roary O'Rourke Quest for the Secret of Bramble Castle [Roary O'Rourke Book 1]

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Categories: Young Adult/Fantasy
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press | Date published: 01/01/2004


Roary O'Rourke lives in the village of Undertrees, in the country of Elfdom. King Leaningtree anxiously announces Princess Lacey Lovelyful has been kidnapped by the evil Baron Barnabuss Bramble and has taken off to Bramble Castle on Dark Clouds Peak in the Milesaround Mountains. Roary accepts the challenge to rescue Princess Lacey and makes ready for the dangerous journey. He is accompanied by his large, faithful dog, Shaggy Sam and his strong horse, Moonbeam. The dangers and challenges are thrilling in this first in a series of four Roary O'Rourke adventures.