Deadline & Other Controversial SF Classics

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 02/02/2005


Why Did the FBI Want "Deadline" Censored? Author Cleve Cartmill, editor John W. Campbell, publisher's Street & Smith, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, and L. Sprague de Camp were only some of those who came under government investigation after government officials learned of the contents of what was to become science fiction's most controversial brainchild? Why? You will discover the startling answers in Jean Marie Stine's amazing introduction to this first-ever collection of Golden Age author, Cartmill's work. Included in this mammoth volume are four complete novellas, the too-close to reality for the government, "Deadline," the noirish outer space mystery, "Some Day We'll Find You," the intellectual thriller of an attempted revolution against a future theocracy, "With Flaming Swords," and the thought-provoking story of a man whose desire to be a normal, patriotic citizen inadvertently lead to his society's "Overthrow." As a bonus readers will find what critics consider his most adroit short story, an androcentric but highly-amusing meditation on a possible prehistoric turning-point, "The Link." But, be warned: Cartmill questioned authority and traditional explanations of things, and tried to tell his stories in such a way that readers would begin to see and question the shortcomings in their own society. So, if you are completely comfortable with the people in charge and way things are now, and never want to doubt what you are told, put down this book immediately and do not read any further.