America's Crisis: The Direct Democracy and Direct Education Solution

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Categories: Politics/Government/Education
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory | Date published: 10/01/1999


Frustrated by the Presidential Elections, Media, Politics and Government? Read America's Crisis to Find Out What You Can Do About It. America is steeped in uncertainty. Through the last half of this century our society has been assaulted by selfish interests and battered by the failures of good intentions. We have been subjected to political terrorism, social aggression, legal anarchy and media-driven chaos. Our public schools have become factories of ignorance and warehouses of violence. Yet through it all the vast majority of us have remained silent. We are now in a crisis and in danger of losing democracy. We've lost our voice in government, education and almost everything else in society. But we have now entered the age of communications and information technology. We have the Internet, and with it, we are discovering the potential for democracy. That said, consider this: Amend the Constitution to establish nonpartisan direct representative democracy with secure voting networks connected to voter's homes. Rather than politicians selling themselves to partisan factions and corporate interests, we would select and elect highly qu lified and well-compensated professional government managers to represent our common sense interests in self-government. With direct democracy we can reclaim government, education and a divided society with common sense, mutual understanding and cooperation. Indeed, we need to move from the cynical divisions of America versus the United States, to the unity of the United States of America. That's what direct democracy is all about.