Moon Madness

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Categories: Romance/Humor
Publisher: SRS Internet Publishing/Artemis Press | Date published: 10/01/2002


Overall, a comedy of errors, the prevailing themes of this collection are misunderstanding and ambivalence in intimacy between women. In the title story, our middle-aged heroine pursues her adolescent desires and learns a lesson or two on route. In other tales, down-to-earth Bernie meets a spaced-out lady, and is touched by magic in the end; Fat Betty wants to make a meal of the willful Princess Evaleen, (as the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach). Elsewhere, Wild Horses couldn't keep them apart--but what kept them together? And Maxine suffers unduly for her Unsafe Address. Throughout the 21 stories and vignettes, women relate intimately in a passionate mix of love, lust, selfishness, generosity, kindness, cowardice, confusion and dismay. Ambiguity rules the day, with even the account of pre-pubertal sex play, Kid's Stuff, having a twist in the tale; raising questions of allegiance at an early age. The longest story is Hannah in My Arms, an enthralling novella of girlhood love, lust and faithlessness in a British single sex school. (The reader may decide who betrayed whom in the end.) The briefest tale is Saturdaze: a nifty little gem, erotic, and diamond-bright with very sharp edges!

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