The Threshing Floor

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks | Date published: 11/01/2004


Amid the violence of the second crusade, where battlefields are soaked with the blood of the innocent and the guilty, Sir James Greybold, a warrior knight and man of honor, fights for Palestine, a land he holds dear. A lie is poison to his lips; dishonor is worse than death. Dedicated to the chivalric code, he faces treachery with moral resolve that eventually breaks down and turns to murder. The foolish demands of the hierarchy force Greybold, who is sworn to obedience and service, to make sacrifices that result in his loss of faith, his honor damaged, his own code failed. After the massive defeat at the Battle of Nazareth, Greybold is used to further the causes of his Grand Master and the mad Prince of Antioch. A traitor roams among them, royal born, untouchable, and Greybold is set to an ill-conceived task that should reveal the traitor's complicity. As the days unfold, Greybold becomes more and more aware of the Grand Master's disastrous plans and his own part in them. He struggles to protect his men and maintain his direction, while succumbing to the powerful draw of vengeance. While retaliation might be honey upon the tongue, it may well turn to gall in the belly. The path Greybold must choose is divided between right and wrong, good and evil, life and death, the decision his to make. One thing he understands fully... there is no turning back; no quarter given, and none asked.