The Plot Squad

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: SynergEbooks | Date published: 08/01/2004


Brandy Bolt and three other writers must use fictional characters to rescue Brandy's daughter. One of Brandy's creations has abducted Mikka Bolt, 10, into Dreamscape, a parallel world populated by every fictional character created since the dawn of time. The Plot Squad--teenagers Kodi Coats, Becca Gee, Savannah Vaughn and Wade Heskett--risk death to save Mikka. Writing mentor Owen Diggs, a mover between worlds, offers guidance and seeks personal vengeance. In the tradition of The Wizard of Oz and The Lord of the Rings, Kodi and the Squad encounter trolls, a genius in virtual reality, a Mexican god posing as a movie director, mythological heroes and a legendary serpent before confronting Brandy's alter ego in a mountain fortress in Dreamscape.