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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: SynergEbooks | Date published: 01/01/2001


Sammy, freed as a slave at the end of the Civil War, wants more than anything to become a cowboy. When forced to flee his home after an unfortunate incident results in the death of his old master, Sammy heads west to Texas to realize his dream. He soon finds that freedom isn't all it is made out to be and lands himself in a whole parcel of trouble. Eventually, he is taken in and befriended by Drew Morgan, a Texan cattle rancher. Drew gives Sammy a job and Sammy finds himself joining Drew and his employees on his first cattle drive. After an unfortunate incident with a snake, Sammy learns how to use his gun, and with practice, becomes a fast draw. There are several incidents along the trail where Sammy is forced to use his newfound gun skills, and although Sammy never looks for trouble, each incident serves to build Sammy a reputation as a gunfighter.

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