The First H. G. Wells Omnibus: Invisible Man; War of the Worlds; Island of Dr. Moreau

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Categories: Science Fiction/Classic Literature
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 07/07/2004


Three of the Most Acclaimed, Most Filmed SF Novels of All Time in One Ebook! Here are three of the greatest novels of the legendary science fiction master, H. G. Wells in one eBook: The Invisible Man; The War of the Worlds, The Island of Dr. Moreau. All for one low price. The Invisible Man dreams of power and wealth from his secret ability, but finds only difficulty and danger. The War of the Worlds brings Earth to its knees, prey of all conquering aliens who can kill anything--except hope. The Island of Dr. Moreau shows one man how close the animal is to the human--and how close the human is to the animal. All three sf classics complete and unabridged--over 1800 pages in hardcover. Cover Frank R. Paul circa 1927