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Categories: Humor
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 06/28/2004


Tall tales or not (and they claim they're not), you will find yourself going along for the ride as Darrell Bain narrates the beginning of an electronic friendship between himself and Will Stafford. The two Vietnam veterans hit it off immediately when they run across each other on the web. Darrell is promoting his first novel, Medics Wild and lists it under Military humor. Will finds it there and asks what it is about. And from there the book gets almost forgotten as Darrell is inundated with tales from Will so outlandish they couldn't be anything but the truth--and so funny that his wife and the rest of his family almost immediately begin agitating for their correspondence to be collected into a book. Darrell and Will's correspondence has been going on for almost three years now. This book comprises letters and stories from just the first few months of their acquaintance. It is the first of what many hope will become a series. Their missives have already resulted in another book, comprised mostly of stories Darrell told, hoping to top the ones from Will. They were collected into the EPIC Award nominated "Life On Santa Claus Lane." From a bone jarring accident caused by satin sheets to a letter from Vietnam resulting in tons of soap heading overseas, from slave labor on A Christmas tree farm to the Bellybuster exercise machine, you will laugh until your ribs hurt--and then laugh some more.

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