Pleasure Piers of Great Britain--Volume 1

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Categories: Travel/Reference
Publisher: Heritage Trail Publications Ltd/Heritage Trail Publications Ltd | Date published: 07/12/2004


There is something quintessentially British about the seaside pier and many surviving today remain as individual in character as the resorts they enhance. Originally conceived as landing jetties for increasing paddle streamer traffic, the seaside pier soon became a popular venue for 'Promenading' or 'taking the air'. Many acquired ornate ironwork, deck lighting, shelters, and in many instances even trains. As the seaside holiday grew in popularity so too did the role of the pier, many being extended to incorporate Theatres, Ballrooms and Pavilions. This volume explores 28 such properties along the east and south-east coasts, each article comprising of a colour photograph, an historical overview, and an information panel containing grid reference, address, telephone number, and web site details (where applicable).