The First Mary Roberts Rinehart Omnibus: The Bat; The Breaking Point; Where There is a Will

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E Books/PageTurner | Date published: 01/01/2003


Three classic MRR spellbinders in one inexpensive eBook! Download Rinehart's best, The Bat, The Breaking Point, and Where There's a Will--for one low price! Rinehart's mysteries are filled with love and humor, and feature ordinary people in terrifying situations that could happen to anyone. You have a relative with a will, don't you? Could it be the springboard to murder in your family? Everyone has a breaking point? What's yours? If an insane murderer picked you out as a target, how confident do you feel the police would be in protecting you? The masterworks by one of the all time greats of suspense and terror--complete and unabridged. All three complete and unabridged--over 1400 pages in hardcover. Look for The Second and Third Mary Roberts Rinehart Omnibuses with The Circular Staircase, The Man in Lower Ten, and other full length tales of mystery and suspense.