Lu Mountain [The Lodging for the Rose #8]

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Cygni Communications Ltd./Cygni Communications Ltd. | Date published: 07/12/2004


A science fiction novel from Planet Earth in the modern age. All the elements are present in our world and in our time for a science fantasy with the superlatives that we so often assign only to different worlds.--The story in this book unfolds in China where these parameters apply. They also apply to the science itself that is threaded through this novel. The science has matured. This novel is the final work of the eight-part science fiction epic, The Lodging for the Rose. The series began seven books ago with a focus on the principle of universal love. Now the focus has become mature. The daring romances and sexual intimacies of the beginning have become a universal romance on the wider scene of human society embracing the largest and one of the greatest nations on our planet. The novel carries a scientific story interwoven with a political story, and a human development story, all threaded together into one. Nevertheless, as the series ends, this novel still carries forward the age-old principle of universal love and universal sovereignty on which freedom and development rest. These universal principles have long been the foundation of modern civilization and will continue to be and unfold, and project the nature of our humanity as we move forward towards a New World.