The Last Mile

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Categories: Technology/Science
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 01/01/2002


"The word is broadband and companies hope the sky is the limit."--The New York Times, March 23, 1999 How big is broadband? Its implementation will affect all 201 million current Internet users. The Last Mile provides the business community with the first look at this next Internet revolution. Discussing the business impact, strengths, and weaknesses of broadband in non-technical terms, managers and executives will learn how to become major players in the new digital future. From definition to implementation, The Last Mile clearly shows readers how broadband can impact their businesses for success. Here, professionals will learn: how this latest Internet buzzword actually works; the technology behind broadband; how it is likely to affect various other industries; its overall limitations and how to deal with them; and how to identify new opportunities in the market due to the evolution of broadband. The Broadband Revolution. Building the Foundation for Broadband. What Is Broadband? Broadband. The Last Mile Deployment Challenges. Case Study: Palm. The Impact of Broadband. The World and the Economy. Case Study: Kodak and Second Story. Changing Culture. Case Study: TBWA/Chiat/Day. The Changing Culture. Case Study: The Changing Landscape. The New Business Networks. Case Study: Columbia TriStar Interactive. The Changing Technologies. Case Study: ReplayTV. Final Thoughts on Reaching the Last Mile. Top Ten Reasons to Dread

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